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The New American Sudan Policy

by Drima on October 20, 2009

Finally, looks like the annoying divisions within the US State Deparment on what to do about Sudan are bye bye. There will be more internal arguing to come for sure but this is a pretty good step.

Here’s the new policy outlined here.

Call me a genius, but long time readers will know that I’ve been calling out for a more balanced approach for a long time, very similar to the one being espoused by the new policy.

Maybe Obama’s people have been secretly reading this blog. 😉

The Save Darfur Coalition’s idiotic promotion of military intervention has been dumb from the start. Same goes for the more recent proposed La La Land appeasement approach of new key Obama people.

However, both combined have produced something in the middle that I believe is much better than anything we’ve ever had before. Tough action and credible real threats are needed, but so are some carrots.

Because, as we can see with terrorism-related stuff, the NCP has been very cooperative in recent years, but that still didn’t get Sudan removed from the US State Department’s list of terrorism-sponsoring countries, which up until now made a lot of people within the NCP reluctant in pursuing further cooperation to resolve things in Darfur.

Anyways, for now, this is all lovely and wonderful, but it’s still ink on paper.

Following up on this is what’s needed, while making sure the whole execrise doesn’t deginrate into mere lame naive appeasement. Don’t think the latter will happen though, with people like John Prendergast keeping a watchful idea.

Here’s to a fruitful new American Sudan policy.

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Sudan Removes Israel Ban from New Passport — The Sudanese Thinker
10.30.09 at 7:17 am

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1 Abu Sa'ar 10.22.09 at 10:39 am

Very interesting.

Prendergast seems highly sceptical of BHO administration’s ability to be a positive influence in this.

And another thing: he says it’s “5 minutes to midnight” in Sudan. If Khartoum manages to delay the referendum, there’ll be no change (and it seems to me that they will if nobody will stop them): the low-tech genocides will continue as they did until now.

More like 1:17 past midnight, in other words, than 5 minutes to.

2 Andrew Brehm 10.22.09 at 1:07 pm

I keep thinking how much better the situation would be if the Sudanese government were Jews.

Just imagine if the world and the UN and all those protesters thought that the Zionists ruled Sudan.

There would be an official security council crisis meeting within six hours and the victims in Darfur would receive billions of dollars of aid, all while hundreds of thousands of protesters in all countries in the world (except Saudi-Arabia, where the government tries to keep things quiet) would call for the Sudanese government and all its supporters to be killed in concentration camps.

3 Selective Arab Muslims: 'You must look like us to get our support' 10.30.09 at 1:41 am

Jews wouldn’t do to the people of Darfur what their so called fellow Muslim did/still do to them and what their fellow Muslims around the world aren’t doing for them and that’s speaking up for them and against the sudanese government. I guess the Muslims of Darfur are the ‘wrong kind’ of Muslims to support.

These people would be better off under Jewish rule imo but i get what you are saying.

There are no such thing as ‘low-tech genocides’

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