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The Newfound Muslim Love For Ron Paul

by Drima on November 21, 2007

And its reasons. I love the guy. He’s so entertaining in presidential debates. Oh and he has very unique views on Darfur too. :)

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1 Danial 11.21.07 at 4:18 pm

I’m a Muslim and I support Ron Paul for a wide variety of reasons, which include his benevolent foreign policy and fiscal conservatism.

Nothing wrong with being a traditional conservative; but being a neocon crackpot, yes.

2 bint battuta 11.21.07 at 4:22 pm

When skimming this I first read it as Ru Paul. Hmmm.

3 Drima 11.21.07 at 4:35 pm

Danial, overall I have nothing against the guy really, although I do think his libertarianism is a bit too extreme. Plus the guy wants immediate withdrawal from Iraq. As you know, I don’t favor this.

On Darfur, it’s good he’s not one of those trying to be a hero and calling for forced intervention.

The post I link to points to how some Muslims are supporting him for the wrong reason – out of hatred for Israel.

Anyway, let’s be realistic here. While it’s still too early, I don’t believe he stands a chance. With all the “love” he’s getting from the right, he’ll do just “fine”.

Frankly, while I disagree with McCain on various issues, he’s my favorite amongst the Elephants.

Rudy? Yikes!

Meanwhile, me waiting for more candidate debates. Ron Paul is so much fun to watch especially when he heats up and Rudy jumps in.

4 Danial 11.21.07 at 4:39 pm

Drima, all legitimate arguments, and yes I do admit many Muslims do support Ron Paul on the basis of his call to cease aid to Israel, but many will also argue the same merits on ending aid to Egypt and Pakistan as well.

However, I do believe he has a chance since he has the ability to rally supporters and raise quite a large sum. $4.2 million is nothing to balk at, especially when raised in a day.

As for McCain, if you were to speak to me in late ’99 and 2000, I would have enthuasiastically supported him, but nowadays, he’s a fallen Jedi, kissing up to the Christian Right these days. I can’t help but to lose respect for him politically.

And Rudy is a cunning little bitch, I will never vote for him since all he does is exploits 9/11 for his own political agenda, not to mention incredibly ignorant and a wolf in sheepskin clothing.

5 Roman Kalik 11.21.07 at 5:34 pm

Ron Paul’s argument regarding Darfur seems to be the same as his other foreign policies: don’t touch anything foreign, period. He vehemently objects to financial pressure, not just to troops.

And yes, cutting off Israel’s aid is not a great reason for Muslims to vote for the guy: it’s just based on pure hatred. Incidentally, if I remember the Israel/Egypt peace agreement, should the US not help Egypt maintain military parity with Israel, it’s basically null and void. Which would please the Muslim Brotherhood and other unpleasant Egyptian politicians to no end.

6 Andrew Brehm 11.21.07 at 5:56 pm

The white supremacists support Ron Paul.

They have their reasons.

As long as the man cannot advocate policies that would make the white supremacists hate him as least as much as they hate George Bush, I cannot say I support him too.

I find it difficult to believe that he is unable to do so. If he wants the votes, and the “Muslim” vote by being closer to their mindsets than other Republicans, he would lose mine.

He also seems to be an extremely cold-hearted individual, and while I personally do not exactly like socialists and liberals, I do find that one can exagerate the egoism. At some point it is no longer about freedom but simply about denying human nature.

As for his foreign policies, we have seen in the past what happens if the US don’t touch anything foreign. Two world wars and the Arabs nearly destroyed Israel twice. The Sudanese government would certainly not stop supporting mass murder just because it knows the US will not interfere in any way. With power comes responsibility; but for people like Ron Paul power is merely something you own.

But whenever the US “touch” something, the world seems to be a lot safer, at least those who are Jewish/Polish/Kurdish/homosexuals/minorities.

7 Drima 11.21.07 at 6:06 pm

Danial, politically I know what you mean. McCain does indeed pander to the Christian Right to win support. However as a person he’s got integrity as shown by his willingness to take unpopular stances within the Republican Party on issues like torture. Plus he’s endured a lot in Vietnam. Too bad he pissed off many voters thanks to his stances on immigration related issues. Overall, he’s alright.

Roman, I was wondering about the same thing too Roman. If I’m not mistaken aid to Israel and Egypt is part of the peace agreement. Is it not? Ron Paul can’t be unaware of this. It comes back to his extreme libertarian views.

8 Drima 11.21.07 at 6:11 pm

“The Sudanese government would certainly not stop supporting mass murder just because it knows the US will not interfere in any way.”

Hmmm… good point Andrew. A guy like Ron Paul in power will mean zero pressure on dictatorial regimes. Ironically most in the Arab world believe that once US meddling and pressure stops, things will finally become improvable. There are two extremes I would not want in the case of Darfur: forced military intervention and zero pressure.

9 Roman Kalik 11.21.07 at 8:16 pm

Regarding Israel’s aid, I think you are correct, though there is no large public in Israel that would want to tear down the peace agreement, even if part of it got broken in Israel’s disfavor. Suffice to say that Egypt has failed to keep parts of the agreement as it is, be it regarding military presence in Sinai or border security.

Egypt on the other hand, has a public that has already made its wishes regarding the peace agreement known. It’s one of the few things the Muslim Brotherhood and pan-Arab nationalists in Egypt can agree on.

I think Ron Paul understands the state of affairs perfectly, much in the same manner as he understands the consequences regarding Darfur. He simply does not care, being the isolationist and individualist that he is.

10 Dalu 11.22.07 at 2:20 am

“When skimming this I first read it as Ru Paul. Hmmm.”

Haha, same here.
I would vote if RuPaul ran for Prez. :’P

Thanks Andrew and Khalik for pointing out some of the reasons as to why I was awry of Ron Paul’s positions but I watch too many RuPaul videos to develop good articulative skillz. All I could come up with is that he looks like a spawn of the Bush clan, and you know, you can’t trust that mess. :’\

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