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NBA Star LeBron James Refused To Sign Darfur Letter To China

by Drima on May 28, 2007

For more background on this you can go here. The LeBron James bashing party has already begun.

Maybe Lebron is indeed in love with his money. Maybe not.

You can’t really know. I say let’s not judge him too soon. He said he can’t sign since he’s not aware of the situation and needs to know more about it first. Fair enough. Give him a month or 2. That’s more than enough time for him to know the facts and make up his mind. Only then will we be able to decide for sure. If he still doesn’t sign a month or 2 from now, there will be no more guessing left to do.

Meanwhile, the Genocide Olympics movement against China shows no signs of slowing down. Good. Me support.

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1 Finnpundit 05.29.07 at 2:16 am

“He said he can’t sign since he’s not aware of the situation and needs to know more about it first.”

Now that is such a level-headed stance, it is only to be commended.

As a rule, I never sign any political petitions at all, since I find that people behind petition drives are usually too ideologically suspect. One can never know if such petitions will be used as proof for arguments not germaine to the subject.

There was one petition that I did sign though, and that was for a sexy bartendress who told me that the bar was facing a community board review regarding their liquor license. It seems that some members of the community felt that the bar was becoming too popular and noisy. Since I didn’t live nearby, and since I liked the bar, I signed.

Pure self-interest was the motivation, as it should always be.

2 Drima 05.29.07 at 3:46 am

“Now that is such a level-headed stance, it is only to be commended.”

Exactly, some people are already rushing to bash him up. I myself won’t sign any crap unless I have a good idea about what’s behind it. Like I said, a month or 2 is enough time for him to know and decide.

“Pure self-interest was the motivation, as it should always be.”

Heh? You might wana elaborate. That made you sound like an extremely selfish greedy person. LOL. :)

3 Finnpundit 05.29.07 at 5:05 am

Selfish people are reliable people, because you’ll always know what they’re interests will be. In fact, a truly market-based economy – which is the most benevolent way a society can run its economic affairs – can only run with maximum efficiency if most people act according to their self-interest.

Whenever people act from ideological or emotional motivations, you introduce an element of uncertainty, which can often have disastrous consequences. Hence, we could say that poverty is caused mainly by the idealism of people who think too much of the plight of others. Instead of holding out for the reliability of self-interest as a motivator, we begin to introduce moral imperatives that usually becloud clear thinking. And, eventually, the rationales for welfare and foreign aid read their ugly, pernicious heads, ensuring that poverty will become entrenched.

4 Finnpundit 05.29.07 at 5:07 am

“rear their ugly, pernicious heads”, of course.

5 Roman Kalik 05.29.07 at 10:29 am

I disagree, Finnpundit. An individualistic society with no mutual responsibility (or at least understanding of the fact that if you don’t help others, no one will help you) is no better than a society that focuses on the collective without seeing the individual anymore.

And neither is idealism inherently false. A good dose of realism helps.

6 KnockYouOut 05.29.07 at 3:44 pm

So can you explain to me why you support this movement again ya Dirma?
How in any way is this the Genocide Olympics? Next should we ban any sporting event in the US for it’s genocide of Iraqi’s? Or should also be against any sporting committee that is associated with Israel for it’s genocide of the Palestinian people? As much as I’m against the Sudanese government I’m sick and tired of those people claiming they are standing up for Darfur while in reality they don’t even know what is really going in the ground… maybe you should check out this article:

7 Drima 05.30.07 at 2:42 am

“As much as I’m against the Sudanese government I’m sick and tired of those people claiming they are standing up for Darfur while in reality they don’t even know what is really going in the ground”

KnockYouOut, believe me I know more than you can probably imagine. Chill out man, I think you’re misunderstanding something. Please don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t believe what’s happening in Darfur is genocide. I have written about it countless times on this blog and have done my best to inform readers about the reality of the situation. Have you actually been reading what I’ve been writing in the past or did you just read this post and jump to the conclusion that “Drima thinks Darfur is genocide. He doesn’t know what crap he’s talking about”?

I understand your frustrations bro but please read this post just so that you can understand me better before judging me:

Read the pages on the right sidebar of this site too. I wrote them all:

I don’t agree with the name “Genocide Olympics” because to call what’s happening in Darfur as an Arab Vs African genocide is simplistic and inaccurate. However I support the movement in general because it’s starting to cause a headache for China. Nothing really worked before with the Chinese but this is proving effective. To help bring a stop to the conflict, BOTH sides must be pressured to sit down on the negotiating table. The only country that can apply enough pressure on the Sudanese government to discuss a deal with the rebels is China. Western countries have a confrontational attitude, which isn’t going to work well. China on the other hand has heavy influence on Khartoum and is already engaged. If this conflict is to be stopped, China is one of the main countries that have the power to do something but they won’t do anything unless they’re pushed to do so. As much as I don’t like the term, the “Genocide” Olympics has real potential to do just that.

As for the rebels, they need to be pressured too, a task which could prove to be more difficult given the fact that they’re divided up into many split factions.

I hope that answers your question.

8 KnockYouOut 05.30.07 at 5:03 pm

Salam Dirma
The quote: ““As much as I’m against the Sudanese government I’m sick and tired of those people claiming they are standing up for Darfur while in reality they don’t even know what is really going in the ground” was not directed towards you as I know your stance against the labeling, I was just suprised to find you supporting such a group… The Olympics are for joining countries together and help bring understanding among the different groups, for such an event to be labeled as such is a result of a nasty marketing campain built on a faulty basis. We both understand the nature of this conflict very well and I don’t need to tell you what really needs to be done to end this conflict, but how can this come about when the CIA is flying top governmental crooks on it’s private planes. So enough of the campains that do nothing to help those on the ground.

9 DZA 05.30.07 at 5:46 pm

i’d done the same thing
wurd up james

10 Roman Kalik 05.31.07 at 2:22 pm

So enough of the campains that do nothing to help those on the ground.

China is the biggest factor for Sudan’s economy. Ergo, China can pressure Sudan. China has no reason to pressure Sudan. In comes this campaign.

Simple logic.

So if I were you, I wouldn’t discount such campaigns simply because the protesters are ignorant of the full particulars when it comes to Darfur. Most people are ignorant of almost everything that doesn’t directly relate to them.

11 philopsopher 06.07.07 at 4:53 pm

The arab countries don’t care, since muslims are “terminating” non-muslim poeple. And it is not that much about business or capitalism or system or whatever. United Nations are trying to make efficient moves to support suffering poeple in that area, but Chian simply exerts its “veto” on every resolution made by the U.N. just the same way U.S. exerts their veto on any resolution against Israel…

Don’t get confused between social-economic ideologies and international politics fellas, and like Lebron James, if you are ignorant, at least keep your mouthes closed :)

These twisted moves cannot be explained by any rationnal theorie other than egocentrism and human being despising

Finnpundit, if you embrace such ideas, like being selfish and whatever, you’ll lose your human nature, you won’t recognize yourself anymore. And what you’d apply to your surroundings could apply to you as well. When you’re not strong or efficient enough whatever the reason, the oh-so-selfish society will get rid of you. And this will necessary happen. Think of the day your kids would drop you in an old people’s home when they wouldn’t need you anymore. And they would just be 100% applying your principles… that was an example among a million ones…

peace brother 😉

12 philopsopher 06.08.07 at 12:26 pm

My very bad. It is not a religious conflict, it seems to be a clanic conflict melted with a desire of power. Just another african leader setting war to try to extent his domination according to rebels and tchadian people. I heard that in a documentary on TV yesterday while Mr James was getting beaten by the Spurs.

13 ks 06.13.07 at 3:58 pm

“James said he didn’t have enough information about the issue to take a stand. Mr. Jones wouldn’t comment. We can choose to take them at their word, of course — or we can follow the money. Jones has an endorsement contract with an up-and-coming Chinese shoe and apparel company. James has a $90 million deal with Nike, which has huge business interests in China” All about the money honey, you go Lebron, you go get your billion like you said you would!

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